This tournament is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY
Last day to register: Thursday June 13th 2019 at midnight.
Doors open/weigh-ins begin: 8:00am June 15th 2019.

The Pittsburgh Jiu-Jitsu Classic follows traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition points structure: 2 points- takedown, 3 points- guard pass, 2 points- knee on belly, 2 points-sweep, 4 points- mount, 4 points- back. Advantages may be given for genuinely defended submissions where a competitor is judged to be in danger of tapping. Advantages may also be given for nearly completed scoring moves. Competitors must demonstrate three seconds of control to complete any scoring move. Penalties: 1st infraction- verbal warning, second infraction- 2 point deduction, 3rd infraction- disqualification. 

Uniforms and Hygiene

Athletes’ gis will not be checked before competition. The tournament staff reserves the right to inspect and disqualify any uniform for the following reasons: Gi pants or jacket are too short or too long, patches interfere with grips, gi is wet/smelly/dirty, gi pants or jacket is ripped. The use of a short sleeve, form fitting, elastic rash guard is permitted, but not required, under the gi top.

No gi competitors must wear shorts made specifically for submission grappling or martial arts. Board shorts with pockets, zippers, buttons, or anything else plastic or metallic are not permitted. Basketball shorts or shorts made of any stretchy material are not permitted. No gi competitors must wear a tight fitting rash guard or elastic shirt. T-shirts are not permitted, competitors may not compete shirtless. Athletes may wear gi pants in nogi divisions. All braces and sleeves are subject to spot inspection and may not be constructed of metal or hard plastic. Tournament staff reserves the right to inspect and disqualify any apparel that may not meet any of the guidelines.

Athletes must have fingernails and toenails trimmed so they will not easily scratch an opponent. Long hair must be maintained so that it does not interfere with the match. Athletes wearing any type of lotion, skin ointment, muscle rub, or excessive perfume/cologne will be disqualified. Tournament staff reserves the right to disqualify any competitor with skin lesions, rashes, or open sores/wounds. If an opponent is injured during a match, medical staff will determine whether the athlete may continue or not.

The following apparel is NOT permitted: head gear, footwear, hair pins, jewelry, hats, helmets, or any athletic cup (genital protector) made of hard metal or plastic. 


Competitors only weigh-in once if they are participating in multiple divisions. Competitors must weigh-in no less than one hour before their scheduled start time. Please check the schedule of events and weigh-in as early as possible. If a competitor misses weight, they will have 30 minutes to make weight, but only if the competitor’s bracket is not scheduled to start within the allotted 30 minutes. If a competitor misses weight and their bracket is scheduled to start in less than 30 minutes, the competitor will be immediately disqualified. Competitors only have ONE chance to make weight if they miss. 

Athletes who do not make weight will be disqualified and will NOT be permitted to move up to a heavier division. Athletes who are disqualified for any reason are not eligible for a refund.

Divisions and Match Length

Kids: 3 minutes
Teens: 4 minutes
Adults: 5 minutes

Adult Gi: White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black
Adult NoGi: Beginner 0-1.5yrs, Intermediate 1.5yrs-4yrs, Advanced 4yrs+

Adult Male Weight Gi and Nogi (18+ yrs)
Under 135 lbs
136-150 lbs
151-165 lbs
181-200 lbs
201-230 lbs
Over 231 lbs

Masters Male Weight Gi and Nogi (35+ yrs)
Under 150 lbs
151-170 lbs
171-190 lbs
191-210 lbs
Over 211 lbs

Adult Female Gi and Nogi (18yrs +)
Under 135 lbs
136-150 lbs
151-175 lbs
176-190 lbs
191 and over

Kids and Teens:

Beginner 0-1yrs
Intermediate 1-3yrs
Advanced 3+ yrs

Ages 4-5 No Submissions
Ages 5-7
Ages 8-9
Ages 10-11
Ages 12-14
Ages 15-13